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What's New at San Dimas?
Great news!! San Dimas Medical Group, Inc. will soon be offering 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography in our office. Your screening mammogram can now be done on the same day as your annual exam. We are very pleased to be able to offer you this comfortable, convenient, state of the art 3D technology which identifies breast cancer even earlier than conventional digital mammography.

Whether you would like to schedule your digital mammogram on the same day that you see the doctor for your annual exam, or just call and schedule your mammogram, we can accommodate you immediately.

Please call our office to schedule your 3D tomosynthesis mammography appointment here in our office.


Since 1973, San Dimas Medical Group has been dedicated to the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology serving the women of Kern County and beyond. From pregnancy to preventative care, from teens to seniors, San Dimas Medical has focused on comprehensive care for all stages of a woman’s life. We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable setting with our many services all under one roof – illustrating our primary philosophy that the needs of the patients come first.

Comprehensive Women’s Health Care Services

  • Obstetrical Services including High Risk Pregnancies
  • Routine Preventative and Reproductive Care (Annuals, pap smears...)
  • Infertility Services
  • Gynecological Health
  • Uro-gyn Health (incontinence, bladder issues...)

Qualified Doctors

San Dimas Medical Group has a long history of serving Kern County with high quality care. Started in 1973 by Drs. Harry Knudsen and Wheeler Hubbell, the practice from the forefront was committed to providing high quality medical care without losing sight of of the importance of personalized care. As the group has grown throughout the year, we never lost sight of Drs. Knudsen and Hubbell’s vision of continuing to provide that quality of care. As Medicine has evolved over the years, we were always at the forefront of these changes and continue to do so.

What patients say about San Dimas Medical Group

Our patients are our family - here's what they have to say!

  • “I LOVE Dr. Crenshaw! She always makes me feel as if I’m speaking to a friend and always remembers my kids! We love you!"

  • "Every time I come in everyone has a smile on their faces and are very welcoming"

  • “Always professional and caring when I come. You have the best staff.”

  • “This place is amazingly clean and smells good”

  • “Dr. Blair is always very helpful and kind!”

  • “Dr. Patel, thank you for all your services and your effort to help me”

  • “I’ve been here a lot lately with stressful issues and everyone is always patient and kind, even the lab! P.S. I come here from Porterville!"

  • “Dr. Klis is (possibly) the best OB/GYN doctor I’ve ever seen. I had surgery recently and he did a terrific job. I am older now and it will take a little longer to heal but he is the best. I feel that I have been in the very best care”

  • “Rhonda Colvin, I first met Rhonda on August 12th and she is the best PA I have ever met! Very informative and made me feel like I was actually her patient instead of someone she saw occasionally. Thanks so much!”

  • “Dr. Tsai has a great smile, always prompt, helpful, polite but very fast!! I did not have a chance to sit down, straight to the room and then on my way home. Perfect!”

  • “Thank you to all the receptionists who always did an amazing job making me feel welcome to the office and checking me in and out of each of my appointments. I appreciate all of you!”

  • “I am so sad to say goodbye to SDMG! I’m moving out of town…..I LOVED my doctors and the staff was incredible. Your facility is seriously amazing! Thank you for always taking care of me and my family."

  • “Dr. Upadhyaya, thank you for all your help, kindness and compassion. I so appreciate your listening to me and being patient with me. You are truly an outstanding doctor and I’m thankful for you!"

  • “Dr. Wendy Crenshaw, Amazing experience! She was present, compassionate, and caring. So many doctors I've been to law basic human decency. Not her! Thank you."

  • “I was against seeing a male physician (almost cancelled my appointment) but when Dr. Patel walked into the room I instantly felt a great presence. He explained everything thoroughly and was very reassuring. The second visit was the same experience as the first. His personality and knowledge to help a patient understand is outstanding. Thank you, Dr. Patel!”

  • “Thank you for the wonderful birthing classes. You were so clear, fun and the classes were so motivating”.